St Wilfrid’s Ledger Stones Survey

Following on from our Graffiti Survey last year in the Parish Church at Standish, it has been our intention to record the grave slabs (ledger stones) inside the church. These were exposed when the carpets were removed last year. These ledger stones have not seen the light of day in a good many years and we thought it would be a shame for them disappear again without being properly recorded. You can follow our progress here.

One thought on “St Wilfrid’s Ledger Stones Survey

  1. I notice that you had some doubt about the reading re ‘?and’:
    ‘What stood out immediately for him was ‘Maternis Lacrymans ata Sororus’ – the tears of a mother ?and sister. With ‘Etatis XXXIII’ it seems the guy died in his 33rd year (meaning he was 32).’
    On the stone the abbreviation ‘atq’ is shown – this means atque which is an alternative Latin word for ‘and’.

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