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Lockdown has given me the opportunity to catch up with all the research we have carried out over years on the Roman roads in our area. Our investigations go back to the earliest days of the Society – we made our first foray into the field as early as 1985. However our researches began even earlier when, in 1983, we produced our first report on the road leading north out of Wigan. You can now see all this work here  .Also

Wigan to Walton-le-Dale
Wigan to Warrington
Wigan to Manchester
Wigan to Burscough
Wigan to Ribchester

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  1. Hi, nice to find you. I was brought up in Tyldesley so I have a great interest in the Roman road that runs through there. A couple of years ago when I was looking at satellite images of the area around the Lomax site on your map I saw a very interesting linear crop mark which was along the line of where the Roman road would be. Stupidly I didnt take a screenshot & in more recent times I couldn’t see it. I’ll continue to keep an eye out. Also when a small housing estate was built at the bottom of Crawford Avenue they apparently found some Roman pottery & I gather The Uni of Manchester archaeology team were called but I don’t know much more than that (source was my mum who still lives on Crawford Avenue). Just thought this might be of interest. Julia Houghton

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