Brimelow Farm 2018

This year we are back at Brimelow Farm to see if we can find out what is going in the field in front of the farmhouse (the one with pond in it) – and also have another look at the Roman road we found in 2004. In November 2016 we carried out a GPR survey of this field extending the one we had started earlier in the summer (for convenience in the diagram below, we’re calling this Site 2). The farmer, Roy Brandon, had mentioned seeing marks in the grass in dry weather, which could indicate possible building foundations. Our survey results did not shown any evidence of these but they did throw up some linear anomalies that we thought we should investigate.In 2016 we also carried out a survey of an area on the line of the Roman road just south of where we had discovered it in 2004 (for convenience we’re calling this Site 1). The intention of this was just to see if GPR could detect the road where resistivity had always failed. The survey result was a success showing indications of the road running south along the alignment. This gave us confidence in this method and in fact was later used successfully at Garstang where David Ratledge was looking for the road. As well as the road, the result at Brimelow also indicated a thin linear anomaly running across it with a right angle end to it. This is also be a target for this years investigations. The GM Festival of Archaeology came at the end of June so we used Site 1 for this to enable us to promote the site to the general public and particularly the local community.

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