Our small but well-established group meets once a month in Wigan for lectures and discussions on topics of historical or archaeological interest. We have a trip in the summer and carry out fieldwork during the year (including excavations).

The aims of the society are:

  1. To expand the knowledge and awareness of our local, national and international heritage.
  2. Increase our understanding of the historical significance of the area.
  3. Provide a base for research and a resource for field projects within the area.

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  1. I think that it is believed that the place to practice archery in the olden days was at Hardybutts (archer butts). I seem to remember reading somewhere that the archers from Lancashire assembled at Wigan before going on the Agincourt Campaign with Henry V.
    If so, would they have assembled/practiced at Hardybutts ?
    The battle of Agincourt was fought on St. Crispins Day, 1415.
    The Pub at the bottom of Hardybutts near to it`s junction with Darlington Street is The Crispin Arms.
    Is there any connection with the naming of the Pub/site of any previous Inn etc, ?

  2. Nice theory George but I haven’t come across any reference to a previous establishment on this site (the current building we think dates to the late 1900th century).

  3. Hi guys,
    Great site with lots of interest. I’ve just bought a house not too far from Angers, and have an interest in history/archaeology. I was wondering if you could tell me where you did your field walking – I’d love to do some of my own. No problem if you’re not able to reveal your locations for whatever reason, I just thought I’d ask.
    All the best,

    • Hi Kerry – glad you like the site. We did our fieldwork at a place called Chennahutte on the south side of the Loire between Angers and Saumur. However I would advise that you didn’t go field walking there unless you can get permission from the land owner. Angers and the area around is fully of history – hope you enjoy discovering it.

  4. I recollect from the 1950’s seeing large shallow flagged areas approx. 30 by 10 yards (very vague guess here!) – whether these pans ever contained bleach I cannot conjecture

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