December Meeting

Wednesday 3rd December. Our speaker this month is Steve Hewitt who used to run the Geology Department at Wigan Technical College. He also taught Archaeology to ‘O’ level standard there.   His talk therefore is not surprisingly entitled ‘The Geology of Archaeology’. Bound to be a great talk.

3 thoughts on “December Meeting

    • Great memories of Steve Hewitt teaching me A Level Geology at Wigan College in 1989. Unfortunately, I wasn’t clever enough to continue into the 2nd year and ended up joining the Army!

  1. Hi my names David allonby and my main hobbie is metal detecting believe me when I. Say its a strange kind off hobbie I realy havant found eneything of much value but I just love hunt of just watching the fetus and noferus meter go and the start the rush of the dig a
    Wilst always saying woe. What could it be its usuley an fork our a brass a handle lol.. but this one thing that I found was in when I look at it is a small impact crater so I got work and I couldn’t bileave the depth of this thing I didn’t think my detector went that deep I keped putting my detector
    over again and again and the needle was. Off the scale with a reading of that it was a good ferias metal and a I got deeper they earth. Turned too the colour of rustey dead colour like when you come across something copper but like sludgey and then I hit it I had widen the hole becuse this thing was a fear size I was guted at firs wheni saa it a bloody rock and athuw smaller feces but I noticed I had like matalic metals in it and after I noticed she I std. Up it dawned on me shit I think this is a metiorrite and as I stud back the hole realy just looked like a crater but were the grass was thiker on they inside were the council cut the field with a big tractor it had just been triming the top its also started to rust since its beenout of they erth and whe you clean it up you cam see small shiney metal fragments can I send you a pitcher of it and can you suggest. Who I should take it too lso iv had too go to the doctors with my hands since iv had hold of this thing so now when I hold iti were rubber gloves..

    . Thanks for listening David A

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