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Eyewitness Account of the Battle of Wigan Lane

"Wigan, 15th August, 1651.
Honoured Sir, -The Lord hath pleased, this day to appear for us, in the totall rout and overthrow of the Lord of Derby and his forces, which was increased to about 1,500.   He himself, though wounded, escaped, though narrowly.  I would only entreat you to send out what horse you have or can get, to ride up and downe the country to gather up stragglers.  I cannot enlarge myself at present, but I entreat you to accept of this from him that desires to expresse himself.  Your ammunition is come safe.   The Lord of Derby I heare is fled towards Bolton, but his sumptures and tresure are here.  We intended for Manchester this night, and had hopes to take my Lord Generall's regiment of foot, and to have had five hundred men in readinesse to joyne with them.  The Lord Witherington cannot live long.  Colonell Boynton and Tyldesley are slaine, and others very considerable.  I have divers colonels prisoners.

           Your very humble Servant,         ROBERT LILBURNE."


From "A History of Wigan" vol II by David Sinclair 1883
Reprinted as "The Battle of Wigan Lane" by Smiths Books 1987

Article by Adrian Morris