Brimelow Farm

Over the years ours Society have carried out a number investigations in the two fields at Brimelow including excavations. In 1988 we found evidence for the road in the north field and in 2004 we confirmed the alignment by finding evidence in the south field also (reported in Newsletter 75). You can see details of our 2004 investigations here.

At the time we struggled to detect the road using our resistivity equipment but recently we returned to Brimlow having access to GPR equipment. This was to see if it could detect anything where we knew the road to exist thus proving its usefulness in detecting the road in other areas. The results where a success and we were also able to detect other features off the alignment and the farmer Roy Brandon has kindly allowed us to investigate these too. You can see details of our 2016 investigations here   and our 2018 investigations here 

The following is a list of all the investigations carried out by the Society over the years:-

1985 Brimlow Farm – Resistivity Survey
1988 Brimlow Farm – Excavation
1989 Brimlow Farm – Excavation
2000 Brimlow Farm – Resistivity Survey
2002 Brimlow Farm – Resistivity Survey
2004 Brimlow Farm – Excavation
2016 Brimlow Farm – GPR Survey